Giusti Serena

Serena Giusti is contract Professor of European Institutions at the Università Cattolica in Milan. Since 2001 she is also a Researcher at the Institute for Studies in International Politics (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale, ISPI) in Milan. Within the ISPI, she has been coordinator of the research project “New Europe Trends” of the UniCredit group in the years 2001-2004; she is coordinator of the Indesit Company Project on the economic and political situation of Russia and Poland since 2007; she is responsible for the Observatory on Russia since 2008.

She has participated in several research groups and think-tanks analysing issues of European governance, globalisation, European policies, democratisation, security. In October 2002 she was International Electoral Supervisor of the OSCE for the municipal elections in Kosovo.

She got her Ph.D. in Political Sciences at the European University Institute, Florence, in 2005; and a Master of Arts in European Studies at the European College, Bruges, in the campus of Warsaw-Natolin, in 1995.

Her fields of research are political transitions, democratisation processes, the enlargement policy of the EU and EU-Russian relations. She also participates in the Network of European Studies (SENT).

Among her recent publications:

L’Europa Sicura – Le politiche di sicurezza dell’Unione Europea, Milan, Egea, 2008 (edited with A. Locatelli);

Central European countries politics after joining the EU, ISPI Working Paper, ottobre 2007;

Italy’s Russian gambit may let Moscow divide the EU and rule, Europe’s World, 2007;

Balcani: tra Europa e instabilità?, ISPI Policy Brief, 2005;

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